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Hustle Hard, Stay Humble

Join our team of dedicated truck drivers

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Calling All Experienced Truck Drivers

We need you for our national delivery service

This isn't your first time behind the wheel of a semi-truck. You've driven across the US more times than you can count, and Texas even more than that. You can identify a dry-box trailer and flat-bed semi-truck. You're used to fast-paced work and thrive on delivery deadlines.

If this sounds like your truck driving experience, we want you to work with us at Massey Motor Freight LLC. Join our team of seasoned truck drivers who are making national deliveries look easy.

Submit your application today to start driving with us.

Why work for Massey Motor Freight?

When you work for Massey Motor Freight, you can expect flexible scheduling and constant work opportunities. Your work experience matters to our bottom line. We don't just want you to punch a time clock. We want you to know that you bring value to our fast-paced deliveries every day.

You won't find a truck driving position quite like ours. Many of our drivers love that we:

  • Offer flexible scheduling

  • Guarantee competitive pay

  • Provide travel opportunities

Ready to get in the driver's seat? Complete our application now to get started. At this time, only people with truck driving experience are encouraged to apply for our open positions.


You'll never drive without support

As a truck delivery service, our shipments travel across the US under tight schedules. With such a high demand for deliveries, truck hauls are long, but support is never far away. Our employees' needs are our highest priority. When you drive for us, you'll find that we're always ready to help you make safe and efficient deliveries.

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